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daikin 28000 btu
Daikin - Air Conditioners.
We are Authorized Dealer Re-seller Partner Agent Seller for sales service of Daikin, Panasonic, LG, York, Gree, Midea, Hisense, Haire, Chigo BlueStar Chunlang, Yonan Air, conditioners for more than 5 years, Teamwork Services has built a reputation for competitive pricing, quality products and efficient service. We deal in all types of Air conditioners, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Ceiling Suspended, Ceiling Cassette, Ceiling Concealed, Multi Split, Window Air Conditioners, Portable, Ductables, Central Air Condition Systems related items like Air Curtain, Drain Pump and all type of inverter air conditioners.
Floor Standing Type Fresh, Daikin Z&A Air Systems.
Cooling Capacity - 75,000, Btu/hr, 8.0HP, R22. Model - AP80M0ANXSG. Wall Mounted Type Fresh, Daikin, Samsung. Ceiling Cassette Type Fresh, Daikin. Universal Type Fresh, Daikin. Ducted Type Fresh, Daikin. Floor Standing Type Fresh, Daikin. Copyright 2014 ZEYA ASSOCIATES All right reserved.
Daikin Buitendeel Multi Split 4MXM80N Gas R-32 8.0 kW.
Daikin 4MXM80N 8.0 kW Buitendeel Multi Split Air Conditioner Gas R-32 Serie MXM-N 28000 Btu. Daikin Buitendeel Multi Split 4MXM80N Gas R-32 8.0 kW Alleen Buitendeel. Dit product bestaat uit.: Buitendeel 4MXM80N 28000 Btu - 8.0 kW. Ideaal in omgevingen.
Daikin Heat Pump Air Curtain CYQS150DK80 BN SN 8kw 28 000btu 230V 50hZ.
Daikin Air Curtains. Home Heaters: Gas, Electric, Diesel, And Oil Air Curtains Commercial Heat Pump Air Curtains Daikin Air Curtains Daikin Heat Pump Air Curtain CYQS150DK80*BN/ SN 8kw 28,000btu, 230V50hZ. Daikin Heat Pump Air Curtain CYQS150DK80*BN/ SN 8kw 28,000btu, 230V50hZ. Daikin Heat Pump Air Curtain CYQS150DK80*BN/ SN 8kw 28,000btu, 230V50hZ.
Daikin Multi Split features 1 compressor for up to 5 indoor air-con units Save space, energy and the environment - Daikin.
Daikin Multi Split can also connect with many types of fan coil, including the wall-mounted type and the duct-connected type, with outputs ranging from 9,000, BTU to 28,000, BTU. These include the Daikin Inverter R32 Ekira, winner of the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, or the Duct type, which being easily installed just 700 mm in width and 200 mm in height, making the home d├ęcor more comfortable and stylish.
Daikin FVXS18NVJU 18000 BTU Indoor Floor Standing Unit.
Daikin 4MXL36TVJU 36000 BTU Class Aurora Series Configurable Quad-Zone Heat and Cool Split System. Daikin FTXS18LVJU 18000 BTU Indoor Wall Unit - Heat and Cool. Daikin FTXS18LVJU RXS18LVJU 18000 BTU LV Series Heat Pump 20.3 SEER Mini Split Air Conditioner.
DP14DM On Daikin North America LLC.
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Juro Pro Refresh Eco II 9K. 211885 Morris WFIN35150 Smart https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/211885-m.jpg: 399.0 4 Morris /Air Condition/ Inverter. Morris WFIN35150 Smart. 214440 Pitsos P1ZAI0972W https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/214440-m.jpg: 399.0 5 Pitsos /Air Condition/ Inverter. Btu/h: 9000 3100-11600. Btu/h: 10000 2800-11500.: 210656 Morris WFIN35140 https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/210656-m.jpg: 429.0 6 Morris /Air Condition/ Inverter. 211866 Juro Pro Oxygen Eco II 12K https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/211866-m.jpg: 429.0 7 Juro Pro /Air Condition/ Inverter. Juro Pro Oxygen Eco II 12K. 211826 General Electric GES-NMG25-20 Prime https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/211826-m.jpg: 449.0 8 General Electric /Air Condition/ Inverter. General Electric GES-NMG25-20 Prime. Btu/h: 8.870 2.730-11.600. Btu/h: 9.890 3.410-12.960.: 211884 Morris WFIN26150 Smart https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/211884-m.jpg: 449.0 9 Morris /Air Condition/ Inverter. Morris WFIN26150 Smart. 214441 Pitsos P1ZAI1272W https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/214441-m.jpg: 449.0 10 Pitsos /Air Condition/ Inverter. Btu/h: 12000 3800-14200. Btu/h: 13000 3700-14400.: 216070 Carrier 42QHG009D8SI Crystal III Ion https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/216070-m.jpg: 469.0 11 Carrier /Air Condition/ Inverter. Carrier 42QHG009D8SI Crystal III Ion. Btu/h: 3.414 10.925. Btu/h: 2.731 11.610.: 198494 Inventor P9VI32-09WF Passion ECO https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/198494-m.jpg: 499.0 12 Inventor /Air Condition/ Inverter. Inventor P9VI32-09WF Passion ECO. Btu/h: 9.000 4.100-11.700. Btu/h: 10.000 2.800-13.200.: 164495 Mitsubishi MSZ DM25VA Smart https//assets.kotsovolos.gr/product/164495-m.jpg: 499.0 13 Mitsubishi /Air Condition/ Inverter.

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